Our solutions range from base IT Security, Support and Services solutions all the way to more complex Access, Time Management, CCTV and Tracking Solutions....

Custom IT
& Security Solutions 

IT Support Services

At Grantbrook Holdings we have over 20 years of in house IT expertise. Our Services go beyond a reported number or voice on the othr side of the line but we go the extra-mile to give you the best service

Security & Access Control

In conjunction with our strategic partners we offer the best CCTV security and Access Control systems. View our Gallery for some of our OEM hardware that carries two year hardware warranty. Thats our belief in our brand

TIme Management & other

Every employer wants to get the best out of the cost to company every employer raises. A solid and stable Time Management Suite of software brings that reality closer. As a third tier to security systems in place it is also a way of accountability 

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

The greater part of IT Solutions Provision is the ability to formulate the best solution for each client at their pace, budget and environment. Grantbrook Holdings Solutions are extensive and and from the ground up put together with the clients needs ahead.

IT Support Services

Security & Access Control

Time Management Systems

Patner with a shared vision.

At Grantbrook Holdings we have over 20 years of in house IT expertise. Our Services go beyond a reported number or voice on the other side of the line. We go the extra-mile to give you the best service. Through thorough market research on the ground we have realized  that as much as the industry is flooded, it is not flooded with quality and professional service delivery.


Years in the industry have given us the vantage to filter and select the best strategic partnerships. As much as the Grantbrook Holdings Logo carries a promise to the client, the same goes with those we have partnered in the industry with. We have had the misfortunes of bad business partnerships but those have ensured that where we stand right now is on sure footing on the promise for quality assurance.

Companies and corporations lose out on thousands daily due to slacking employees or in house systems that are not up to industry par. We have addressed these factors by introducing Time Management systems in conjunction with our strategic partners that ensure that there is accountability for all time the employer pays for. That said we also have HR and Feedback systems that the same employees can utilize to highlight areas that affect their productivity. In a nutshell we aim to level the playing field for the sake of the customers satisfaction.

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